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Andrew Paquette was born in Minnesota, but has lived in many states in the US, primarily New York, Maine, Arizona, and California. At about the same time as he became very serious about Yoga, he started his career as an editorial illustrator, working for clients like Time magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, CBS Records, Turner Broadcasting, and the New York Times. Later, he transitioned to being a comic book artist for Marvel, DC, and Harris Comics. At Harris, he co-created the series Harsh Realm with James Hudnall, and it was later turned into a TV series by Fox Television and producer Chris Carter. In 1994, he started a new career as a video game artist with EpicMegaGames (later known simply as Epic Games), from which he branched out to working as a special effects artist in feature films and then as an art director back in video games. He has contributed to the films Space Jam, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Smilla's Sense of Snow, and others. In video games, he has worked as an artist or art director on the following titles: OMFII: Battlegrounds, Tyrian, Unreal, Parasite Eve, Xena Warrior Princess, Scooby-Doo Night of a Hundred Frights, and Full Spectrum Warrior.

In 2002, he left Hollywood to paint landscapes of the American Southwest. During the few years he did this, he had several one-man shows at the Taos and LeKae Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since then, he has concentrated on teaching computer graphics and writing. He has written 2 textbooks on computer graphics for Springer/Verlag UK.